car wash chemicals

Erling specializes in providing top-quality chemical car wash products sourced from Quest Car Care Products, a renowned name in the industry. At a Refuel site located in Round Rock, Texas, Erling transitioned Refuel from Lustra Chemicals to Chem Genie Chemicals, manufactured by Quest Car Care.  

Chem Genie is an ultra-concentrated product designed to reduce labor and shipping costs due to its efficient factory packaging. Its concentrated formula extends product longevity, lasting 2 to 4 times longer than traditional chemicals and reducing refill frequency. The jug design prevents chemical spills and exposure, fitting seamlessly into Quest Car Care’s “keep full reservoirs” to save both time and space.  

This product switch underscores Erling’s commitment to offering superior solutions to car wash establishments and to our ability to replace chemical products seamlessly. With a dedicated team equipped to handle all chemistry requirements, including the expertise of a chemical technician supervisor, Erling ensures that customers receive customized car wash experiences. Recognizing the pivotal role of car wash services in generating revenue for stores, Erling understands the importance of providing tailored chemical packages to meet the unique needs of each customer’s car wash.