Electrical Solutions

Erling’s Electrical team is specially trained in electrical for fuel systems. As certified electricians and experts in hazardous spaces and materials, our team understands the complexities of codes dealing with electrical in explosion-proof spaces. We ensure your site is being worked on with the utmost safety in mind.

Our team is skilled in remodeling and new construction, specializing in fuel stations, car washes, and electric vehicle installations. We can coordinate the disconnection and connection of utilities, install high voltage breaker panels, install canopy lighting, trenching, install transformer sets, permanent line outs, install meter cans for final power, and provide generator startups and disconnect.

Erling is proud to be at the forefront of EV charging in Texas by expanding our customers’ offerings beyond traditional liquid fuels. With our network of certified technicians, we have the capability to install and repair EV products across Texas.

We are proud to offer outstanding electrical service to our customers.