State Compliance

From TCEQ to TDLR, Erling provides the services necessary to keep sites in compliance with industry regulations. Our skilled technicians are experts in Dri-sump technology, calibrations, tank and line testing, and our team can perform repairs after testing is complete.

Our technicians provide industry-leading Leighton O’Brien Dri-sump testing technology to our customers. This technology offers zero water waste, no downtime, and an accurate location of leaks. It serves as a zero-waste alternative to hydrostatic testing requirements.

Calibrations are required every two years and Erling’s policy is to calibrate every device to zero. By calibrating to zero, we provide 100% accuracy of gallons that are being sold. Our fleet of truck mounted calibration rigs have a minimal footprint to keep site impact to a minimum.

Line and tank testing are important components of keeping a site in compliance. By using top technology from Leighton O-Brien, we can find and fix leaks quickly and accurately to prevent environmental damage and cleanup costs.

Once testing has been performed, the job isn’t done. Our team can handle major construction repairs, including UST line leaks, repairs to meters, sumps, flex hoses, and share valve leaks.


Interested in a monthly compliance program?

Meter calibration, water removal, line and tank testing, and 30-day inspections are all part of the compliance programs offered by Erling. Our compliance programs adhere to mandated regulations to maintain a level of environmental quality at the site.