Equipment Solutions


Erling represents the best brands in the industry. By partnering with Wayne dispensers, Verifone point of sale systems, Franklin Fueling System automatic tank gauges, Husky hanging hardware, Bravo tank and dispenser sumps, PDQ car wash equipment, Hubbell Lighting canopy and building lights, and several related brands of equipment, we offer products at the forefront of innovation in the fueling industry.

Our sales team is more than just selling equipment. From advising on the best equipment for your project, to the installation, they are with you at every step of your project. Our service team takes over after the equipment is installed by offering top-tier service when paired with our equipment. See our Fuel System Maintenance page to learn more about our service program offerings.

Interested in financing? Erling offers a leasing program that wraps installation and equipment into a single monthly payment.

By working with Erling’s expert sales team, you are guaranteed expert customer care with representatives who have experience of over 30 years in the fuel industry.

Featured products and brands we represent:

  • Dispensers – Wayne Anthem, Wayne Ovation 2
  • Point of Sale – Verifone C18 terminal
  • Automatic Tank Gauge – Franklin EVO 600
  • Hanging Hardware – Husky EZ Connect with EZ Lever nozzle
  • Tank and Dispenser Sumps – Watco
  • Lighting –Hubbell Lighting
  • EV- ChargePoint

Vendor List