Fuel System Maintenance

Erling’s Fuel System Maintenance team provides prompt, dependable service to our customers. Our in-house customer service team is ready to assist 24/7 and our skilled technicians, trained and licensed in all manufacturers we represent, offer service across the state of Texas.

Our service technicians have expertise in finding the issue and repairing the correct piece of equipment. From beginning to end, we strive for same-day uptime, especially with like for like upgrades. Our team is certified to provide the latest versions of both hardware and software. We understand all customer network systems for EMV upgrades and functional transactions. As experts in networking, we can troubleshoot and converse with network providers during dispenser installation or breakdown.

Why chose Erling service for your site? Our team members are experts in leak repairs, dispenser electronic repairs, underground system repairs, point of sale repairs, networking service repairs and dispenser startups and commissioning. You can count on Erling to minimize the downtime expected at your site.

Fuel System Maintenance Services:

  • Leak Repairs-Our repairs include piping leaks and hanging hardware repairs.
  • Electronic Repairs-Our repairs include EMV upgrades and programming, electronics troubleshooting, bezel replacements, and screen replacements.
  • Underground System Repairs- Our repairs include diagnosing slow flow events, filter changeouts, and motor replacements.
  • Dispenser Startups and Commissioning- Erling is capable of brand conversions for Wayne Fueling Systems by Dover Fueling Solutions, Anthem startups, Ovation startups, and much more.
  • Point of Sale Repairs- Our repairs include pin pad replacement, terminal replacement, and customer display, reloads and many more.
  • Networking Services- Our top repairs include router errors, MNSP replacements, and IOT issues.