Fuel System Construction

Erling’s Construction team is TCEQ A/B licensed, OSHA certified, and ready to make sure your construction projects are a success. Our team is vendor trained and certified in the manufacturers we represent, with over 30 years experience in the fuel system construction industry. Our team can handle a variety of projects, including retail fueling installation, commercial fueling installation, and UST removals.

Our retail fueling installation expertise in new site construction includes UST installation, piping layouts, fuel area paving, dispenser installation, coordination of canopy construction and car wash tilt walls. We understand the need to maintain site operations during forecourt upgrades and are capable of removing a fuel system, remediating, and rebuilding a new site while reducing the impact to the store customer base.

We are also skilled in commercial fueling installation projects include industrial applications such as AST installations, fleet POS systems, DEF systems, and generator back up fuel system installation.

Our crews can help prepare a decommissioned site for sale, including site closeouts with TCEQ, remove leaking tanks to minimize site impact, removal of unused storage tanks, and soil remediation.

We are trained by our In-House Safety Program to execute projects with the upmost safety in mind. We are trained in managing unstable soil by shoring, harness set ups for fall protection, confined space permitting, and are trained large construction equipment operators.

Erling’s Construction team can handle the toughest of projects from start to finish, you can trust your project with us.