TXB embarked on a mission to establish an upscale, high-end site that would showcase the industry leading Dover product line. This site includes top-tier components such as Anthem dispensers, ChargePoint Chargers, OPW Loop piping system, OPW containment sump, and OPW containment monitor. Notably, the Anthem dispensers, equipped with DX Promote, serve as a platform to exhibit TXB’s high-quality food offerings directly at the pump. The large-scale Anthem screens paired with DX Promote, entice customers into the store by showcasing products in a cutting-edge, premium manner.

Collaborating with Erling on the install of the fuel system, TXB implemented a unique approach by installing two seperate OPW Loop System lines and dual STPs. This allows the site to remain operational even if one of the STPs is shut down. By installing the OPW Loop System lines, TXB was able to achieve maximum uptime due to the ease of installation during construction. Erling installed ChargePoint chargers at the site, which allows TXB to provide both traditional fuel and cutting-edge EV technology to their diverse customer base. This strategic move ensures that all customers on the road can enjoy access to a premium site featuring top-notch branded products and services.

Through their partnership with the Dover product suite, TXB integrates state-of-the-art technology at their site, creating an appealing environment for customers, while effectively showcasing their brand offerings. By pairing Dover products with Erlings expert installation and maintenance, the result is a high-end site that reflects TXB’s core values of authenticity, hospitality, and integrity.