car wash Maintenance

At this car wash equipment upgrade project in Bee Cave, TX Erling aimed to address a persistent issue with roller wear, which had become a significant maintenance concern over time. When the car wash system was first installed, roller replacements were required monthly. However, as wear took its toll, the frequency of roller changes escalated from monthly to weekly.  Additionally, as the equipment aged, the cost of ownership increased due to higher maintenance requirements and repetitive downtime.  

Recognizing the need for improvement, Erling was brought in to upgrade the equipment. At Erling, we understand that downtime at your car wash means a complete stop of sales, so in response, a proposal was put forth to replace the existing rails as the most cost-effective solution for the customer. Following the rail replacement, the site experienced a notable reduction in roller usage, returning to regular maintenance schedules and significantly alleviating the burden of maintenance costs.

Erling’s Car Wash Team understands that car wash is a vital revenue-generating component of a store. We provide customers across Texas with expert, dependable service for their car wash needs.